Dating old glass bottles

“Our own figures show doorstep deliveries at a steady and fairly stable 3 per cent and so I’m afraid we are not able to confirm an increase in the level of doorstep deliveries,” they said.The UK has gone plastic waste mad these past few months, with measures to tackle plastic pollution featuring prominently in news outlets as the Government makes them the cornerstone of its environmental plans.“With all the recent news on the use of plastic, people are wanting milk in glass bottles as one way to help cut down their plastic consumption,” Roseanne Mc Ewan, brand development manager at Cotteswold Dairy, told When people picture a milkman or woman delivering milk, they picture it in traditional glass bottles, but according to Dairy UK this is not always the case – plenty of delivered milk comes in plastic containers.The figure of one million refers to doorstep deliveries in general, and, according to a Dairy UK spokesperson, “it is not possible to tell what percentage is glass and what is plastic”.However, the new batteries developed by researchers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), contain a silicon-based cathode.Even with recycling programs, billions of glass bottles end up in landfills every year, which led the researchers to question if silicon dioxide in waste glass bottles could be used to produce high purity silicon nanoparticles for rechargeable batteries.

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“However, we’re not familiar with the figure of 800,000 that was used in , we’re not sure where this originated from.

This makes the silicon nanoparticles more stable and boosts their energy storage capacity.

Traditional rechargeable lithium-ion batteries contain two electrodes - one made from lithium called a cathode, and the other made from carbon - the anode.

Back in 2016, various newspapers covered an apparent increase in demand for milk deliveries in trendy parts of the UK like East London and Bristol.

The boost was attributed to a taste for anything retro among young “hipsters” living in these areas.

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