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Since I am finishing my Master's degree this year, I also read and study a lot.

I hope they will remind you of the days of the conference and the long discussions, which I found very stimulating.

I am very glad that the revised dates of our visit are more convenient to you than those we originally discussed.

I shall feel much more comfortable if I do not interrupt your work.

Victor is very keen on accepting, of course, but we do not want to take advantage of your kindness, if Victor's visit should put you to any inconvenience please have no hesitation in saying so.

In case you did not mind I should like to assure you that we are ready to do the same for Richard.

In all likelihood we would not get to England until around the last week of May.

We are going by car via Germany and France and shall most probably leave our car with friends near Calais (collecting it on the way back).

I seek a sincere, honest, fun-loving girl to develop a friendly relationship with, which may later lead to marriage.I shall be reviewing the language furiously for the next two weeks in anticipation of our arrival.Let me only ask you not to go to any trouble to arrange a special program for me.I gratefully accept it on the assumption that we shall have the pleasure of receiving you here as the return part of the exchange visit.Petersburg University, I am majoring in the English language and literature and I also listen to lectures on history, philosophy, linguistics, etc.

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