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But as sure as day turns to night and back again, a cycle lasting roughly 500 million years sees continents come together to form one supercontinent, and then disperse.

While the Moon tugs at the ocean tides, and atmospheric conditions above our heads cause us to obsess about the weather, beneath our feet a whole lot of action is going on which we are mostly unaware of, unless all of a sudden the fiery mantle spews out molten lava, unseen forces make the Earth shudder and shake, or sinkholes suddenly and unexpectedly open up to swallow houses and cars.

It is this plateau existence that gave the Forest of Dean such an independent spirit, and the layers of history way before humanity which produced the minerals and fossil fuels that gave populations their livelihoods.

These days, while sinkholes are not so rare, the chances of volcanic eruption or major earthquakes round these parts are pretty slim (there were 25 earthquakes with a sizeable magnitude of 4.5 to 6.1 in Britain during the 20 century) – that is, unless by human endeavour such as hydraulic fracturing, we provoke the planet into violent action.

It’s likely that the temperature will be about the same as now, perhaps even warmer, as the ice age will be long over.

The last glacial maximum – as the latest freezing phase of this ice age is known as – ended about 11,000 years ago.

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