Updating gamin nuvi 770

For Edge units, begin by pressing the power button to turn off the unit.Simultaneously press and hold the "Page/Menu," "Start/Stop" and Power buttons.Garmin Communicator is needed for registering your device and for using Web Updater.You can even use programs like Feedburner to notify you if new maps or critical firmware updates are available for your device, perhaps forestalling a problem with your Garmin unit.No data loss should occur, unless something else is amiss with the unit. This switch is on one of the upper or lower corners of the unit.Slide and release the Power switch to the left shut off the device.Press and hold the Power button or switch until a single white dot appears on the screen.Tap and hold the dot until you see the "Calibration Complete" message. David Lipscomb is a professional writer and public relations practitioner.

If you cannot get the unit to respond at all, turn off the device.A hard or master reset typically restores Garmin GPS units to their default states, which eliminates any stored information.Should a nuvi or Edge device fail to acquire satellites or respond in other ways, a hard reset might prove necessary.Plug your Gamin unit into your computer and run Web Updater.Allow the software to identify your connected unit. Click "Yes" when the software locates new software and asks you if you want to install it.

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